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The Tour Million

Tour Million - Social Homepage for the Travel Industry

Click here to visit the TourMillion pixel grid site

What is TourMillion.com

TourMillion.com is the first "One Million Pixel" page dedicated entirely to the tour and travel industry. If you are involved in tours and travel, you are going to want a listing on this page. The opportunity to purchase space is limited, and once the pixels are gone, they are gone forever. Tell your friends in the industry, post about it on Facebook, tweet the news, and help us create travel history. There will only be one TourMillion.com.

What does it cost to advertise on TourMillion.com?

The pricing is based on how many pixels/squares you wish to purchase. The squares for sale are 10 pixels X 10 pixels in size (100 pixels total). There is a one-time fee to purchase a square, and once you reserve your space, it is yours to keep forever! Each square is priced at $50 USD, which breaks down to just fifty cents per pixel!


We would sell individual pixels, but that would be too small for people to see/roll over/click on, so $50 is our minimum purchase. However, you can group squares together into larger blocks, and there is no limit on size.

Why should I buy pixels on TourMillion.com?

TourMillion.com is creating history within the travel industry, so why wouldn't you want to be a part of that? This is the first tour and travel related million-pixel site in the world. Once the space is sold out, it will be gone forever.

Not only will we be promoting this page through our extensive network of suppliers, customers, and social media channels, but we will also issue press releases and create buzz worldwide. The traffic that this site will generate is substantial, and many of these unique visitors will eventually view your business. Our current network of websites generate over one million unique visitors per month.

Please help us spread the word within the travel industry. Buy pixels on TourMillion.com and tell everyone you know within the industry to do the same. If you can, please tweet about it on your Twitter feed, post about it on your Facebook page, and promote it through any other social networks you may use.

How long will this site remain online?

TourMillion.com and the subdomain on Reserve123.com where the page is hosted, will remain online for at least 3 years. When the page sells out, we will add 2 additional years making it at least 5 years total. The launch date for this site was 7/20/2011, but the Reserve123.com site has been online since 2005, and will remain online for many years to come.

Who will be allowed to advertise on TourMillion.com?

In order to maintain the integrity of the TourMillion.com site, we reserve the right to approve or deny all submissions to the page. We will only allow businesses related to the tour and travel industry to advertise.

Visit the Tour Million Site

If you would like additional information, or wish to speak with a member of our TourMillion.com team, please email advertising@reserve123.com.